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Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind nutrition

Tailwind nutrition was designed with the Leadville 100 in mind – specifically, an endurance fuel for trail running. The all-in-one blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates makes Tailwind nutrition all you need, all day. Really.

Tailwind nutrition is simply added to your water bottle or hydration bladder. Simply pour it in, shake it up, and off you run. We stock a huge variety of flavours made from natural ingredients, including some caffeine to help prevent mental fatigue over ultra-distances and on hard training runs.

As well as endurance fuel, Tailwind nutrition offer an all-in-one recovery product that's just as easy to use, and helps repair your body and replace lost electrolytes and spent energy in one simple go.

Tailwind nutrition at The Trail Co.

As a trail running specialty store, we know nutrition for trail running. Tailwind nutrition is one of our most popular nutrition products, and we carry a huge range of Tailwind from stick packs to large bags, in flavours to suit everyone's taste.

The Trail Co. only stocks gear we know and trust, to offer you the best quality for the Australian trails we love, and to ensure you have the best time on the trails.

Made For The Trails

Tailwind nutrition is a staple trail running endurance energy product. The combination of calories and electrolytes make it a great fuel for your trail running training, adventures and races.

Check out our range of Tailwind nutrition right here, or come in store to chat to one of our experts about which fuel is right for you.

Tailwind Nutrition