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Rabbit run clothing

A rabbit is a race pacesetter - someone who leads runners to perform and they push the pace for others. They don't run for glory, but for their love of running.
And then there's this rabbit, the run clothing and apparel company for men and women, born in California. They make shorts and tops that fit well and feel great to run in. Rabbit gives a gentle nod to the pace-setters and sets a leading style of their own. With rabbit, you can be a pacesetter too.

Rabbit at The Trail Co.

As a trail running specialty store, we only stock gear with trail running in mind. We understand and value quality, good design, and reliable products. We choose to stock Rabbit run clothing because we know it's great.

The Trail Co. only stocks gear we know and trust, to offer you the best quality for the Australian trails we love, to ensure you have the best shoes and gear to get the most out of your time on the trails.

Made For The Trails

Rabbit make a great range of clothing for road and trail running with a range of their product being focused specifically on the need for trails. Look for their gear with the mountain rabbit emblem for high quality, trail-focused apparel for your training, running adventures and races.

Available in men's and women's fits and a variety of styles to suit everyone.