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Muir Energy evolved out of the needs to meet ultra-distance endurance fuel for health-conscious endurance athletes.

Muir nutrition can be eaten straight, added oatmeal or soup, or even spread on a cracker to keep you going when you're pushing your body hard. And unlike chewing on raw nuts, dehydrated fruit or a dry food bar, Muir energy gels make it simple to eat and carry real foods in potent, portable, purple pouches!

Unlike other energy gels – that can be sweet and synthetic – Muir energy gels are 100% committed to using the best ingredients with nutritionally-dense, ONLY real foods that are calorically nutritionally dense and perfect for endurance activities.

Some are tart, some are sweet, some are savoury – and with nutrient profiles designed for fast burning or slow burning energy and with or withoutn caffeine to choose from.

Muir Energy is a 1% for the Planet member and climate neutral company.