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Fixx Nutrition has developed a range of products to take the difficulty away, and allow runners to fuel on the go.

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Fixx Nutrition is a local leading brand in the sports nutrition industry, offering innovative and natural products that improve athletic performance. Their journey began with the development of CrampFix®, an all-natural pickle juice concoction that eliminates muscle cramps.

After extensive testing and refinement, CrampFix® became a sought-after product for professional athletes, and Fixx Nutrition was established to expand their product line. From the cramp relief products, Fixx Nutrition expanded its range to include Fixx Cold Brew Coffee Shot, a pre-race fuel-up option. Unlike synthetic caffeine products, Fixx Cold Brew Coffee Shot offers naturally-occurring caffeine without artificial additives or chemicals. Their commitment to providing clean products is evident in their labels, ensuring transparency and understanding for consumers.

Fixx Nutrition's dedication to natural and effective sports nutrition is exemplified by their recently launched Fuel X Endurance Fuel. This electrolyte energy-boosting sports drink replaces valuable electrolytes lost during exercise, offering sustenance to athletes.

Fuel X is available in six delicious flavors, all naturally colored and flavored. Fixx Nutrition's range now consists of over 16 products, with plans for further expansion. With a strong focus on innovation and improving lives, Fixx Nutrition's products are trusted and used by professional sporting teams globally, including the Melbourne Storm, Parramatta Eels, GWS Giants, and the Australian Wallabies. Their Gold Coast-based manufacturing site in Burleigh Heads reflects their hands-on approach and commitment to harnessing nature to enhance athletic performance.

At Fixx Nutrition, their mission is to help people live their best lives, reach their goals, and have fun, all while providing highly effective and natural sports nutrition solutions.


What is CrampFix®?

CrampFix® is an all-natural pickle juice concoction developed by Fixx Nutrition to eliminate muscle cramps. It is a sought-after product for professional athletes and has gained a loyal following.

Where can I find CrampFix®?

CrampFix® is available at The Trail Co. Australias only dedicated trail running store.

What is Fixx Cold Brew Coffee Shot?

Fixx Cold Brew Coffee Shot is a pre-race fuel-up option that offers the increased focus and energy of naturally-occurring caffeine. Unlike synthetic caffeine products, it is free of artificial additives and chemicals.

What is Fuel X Endurance Fuel?

Fuel X Endurance Fuel is an electrolyte energy-boosting sports drink designed to replace valuable electrolytes lost during exercise. It provides sustenance to athletes and comes in six delicious flavors, all naturally colored and flavored.

Are Fixx Nutrition products suitable for professional athletes?

Fixx Nutrition products, including CrampFix®, CrampFix® Rapid Mouth Spray, and Fuel X Endurance Fuel, are trusted and used by numerous professional sporting teams worldwide, demonstrating their suitability for athletes.

Do Fixx Nutrition products contain artificial colors and flavors?

No, Fixx Nutrition products are free of artificial colors and flavors. They prioritize providing clean, natural products that are as close to their natural form as possible.