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Salomon running

Salomon running gear is no stranger to the mountains and have been trialled and tested on the trails for over 50 years. Born in the French Alps back in 1947, Georges Salomon created a range of products for mountain sports which have been developed over decades with design experience and product testing leading the way. Salomon trail running shoes boast a quality and craftsmanship that has gained a worldwide reputation as a leader in running shoes.
 Salomon shoes are versatile, durable and comfortable, and are ready to tackle the tough and rugged Australian climate.

Salomon's passion for running, adopting new technology and superior craftsmanship delivers high quality progressive shoes and gear to allow you to enjoy and challenge yourself on the trails and in the mountains. Now, it’s time to play.

Salomon running at Stokelab

As a run specialty store, we only stock gear with running in mind. We understand and value quality, good design, and reliable products. We have stocked Salomon running shoes and running accessories – like Salomon running packs and bags, – since the first day we opened our store.

Stokelab only stocks gear we know and trust, to offer you the best quality for running in Australia, to ensure you have the best shoes and gear to get the most out of your time on the road.

Made For Runners

Salomon running shoes and gear are high quality, and hard-wearing, making them a go–to for your run training, adventures and races.

Available in a variety of cushioning, tread and grips, and styles, we'll have a pair of Salomon running shoes for you to check out.