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Trail running nutrition for energy, hydration, and recovery. All tried and tested, and designed to deliver the nutrients that your body needs, or uses faster during long trail runs and races.

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Trail Running Nutrition

Food and drink consumed while you run on the trails is known as "nutrition", and it comes in various shapes and sizes. Common forms of trail running nutrition are powders you add to water, bars, and gels – not forgetting every-day normal food, of course (hands up if you've eaten pizza on your long run).

All types of nutrition are packed with calories (energy) and / or electrolytes (essential to stay hydrated) to keep you going on longer training runs and during races.

The energy gels, bars, hydration, and recovery products we stock at the Trail Co. are tried and tested, so we know you'll find a fuel to match your favourite flavours and your body's needs for extended or strenuous training and events.

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