Collection: Lightfeet

100% Australian-made orthopaedic footwear designed by top sports podiatrists, using expert knowledge to ensure all Lightfeet products are super comfortable and performance-enhancing, which also assist in pain relief.

Made right here

Lightfeet pride themselves on manufacturing 100% of their products in Australia. Their podiatrists pride themselves designing to high standards, and producing the highest quality products, ethically.

Many of Lightfeet's footwear products are made using recycled materials, so you can feel good in them and about wearing them.

Designed by Podiatrists

Lightfeet socks, insoles and thongs are all designed by top Australian Sports Podiatrists.

Lightfeet’s range of Podiatrist-designed footwear is crafted to bring you style and the added benefit of orthopaedic support and superior comfort.