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Running Poles

Running Poles

Running poles are designed to help you get more uphill drive and assist in reducing leg fatigue during long climbs, endurance races and ultra-marathons. They're also great for helping you keep your footing on very steep hills, or when you're covering loose terrain.

If you're training for a sky race or love running in the mountains, running poles are a great addition to your trail running gear and can help you get the most out of a hilly day on the trails.

Running poles are lightweight and packable so that you can easily stow them away in a quiver, waist belt or running pack when you don't need them, but can access them in a flash. Running poles come in a variety of styles, sizes, and lengths and you can usually determine which size of running pole is right for you by measuring the distance from your fist to the ground with your elbow bent at about 90 degrees. If you need help deciding which size or type of running pole is right for your trail running adventures, our specialist team are always happy to help.

Check out our range of trail running poles here or in-store and get the most out of your uphill running.

Running Poles

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