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Fractel hats and caps

Fractel hats began with Matt Niutta's run to work, where he was driven to create a product that represented style and performance for likeminded runners and outdoor adventure communities.

Fractel hats draw their influence from the ocean, mountains, and communities we run in, bringing unique headwear to life for our community of like-minded individuals that are keen to get outside and run.

With performance in mind, Fractel hats offer UV protection and are made from moisture-wicking sport fabrics to keep the heat off you while you hit the trails.

Fractel hats at The Trail Co.

As a trail running specialty store, we only recommend the gear we love, and with Fractel hats coming from just up the coast from us, we know they're made for our climate – and our trails. Fractel hats are a firm favourite within our local trail community, and one of our popular headwear brands.

The Trail Co. only stocks gear we know and trust, to offer you the best quality for the Australian trails we love, and to ensure you have the best time on the trails.

Made For The Trails

Fractel hats and caps come in a wide variety of styles and colours – from lightweight caps and visors, to legionnaires and bucket hats – so you'll find one (or two) that are the perfect fit for you.

Check out our range of Fractel hats right here, or head in store to chat to one of our experts and try on a few styles.

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