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SEQ Trail Running Series

Spring Energy

Spring Energy Gels


Spring Energy's mission is to propagate a culture of active and healthy lifestyle and provide those who choose this path with healthy nutrition choices. Driven by science, equipped with vast athletic experience and inspired by passion for a healthy life style, they've designed a unique formula for a 100% natural product.

How to Use Spring Energy
Spring is a versatile fuel source. You may settle on one particular gel and use it throughout your training and racing, or you can take it to the next level and optimize your fuel intake based on your performance intensity - if you are CRUISING, eat more McRaecovery, Long Haul and Power Rush, if you are PUSHING, eat more Speednut, Hill Aid and Canaberry.

Rules of Thumb:

1. Eat Spring gel every 30-40min during the race or training that last longer than 1.5 hr
2. Aim at consuming a minimum of 150-250 Cal per hour
3. Hydrate with Electroride drink mix when needed (usually 15-30 fl oz per hour)