Sharing Soles

Sharing Soles, is run in conjunction with Ultra-Trail Nepal and its founder Som Tamang. He has a registered charity called Friends of Himalayan Children Inc (FHC). Along with this, in an effort to raise funds for the charity, he has generated two businesses: Take On Nepal and the event Ultra-Trail Nepal, with 2016 being its first running. 

The goal of Sharing Soles is to provide running and hiking specific shoes to as many people in Nepal as possible. Allowing not only children to begin running with shoes to protect them, but also their parents.

Due to the cost involved in shipping the shoes, only those that can be put to the best use in Nepal are able to be collected. Please ensure your shoes fit the following descriptions: 

  • Shoes that are specifically for running or hiking.
  • No larger than Male US10.5, due to average foot sizes in Nepal being smaller. 
  • Full matching pairs only (left and right).
  • Shoes that are still in a usable condition. We want to gift shoes that have life left in them. Please find another home for any shoes with large holes or completely worn out soles.
  • Clean shoes. Please wash and dry as best as possible before donating.

Shoes can be brought in for collection from The Trail Co. at our Bardon, Brisbane store.