Train With The Trail Co. Trailiens

We absolutely love the trails and want to share them with you! We offer coached trail run training sessions that cater to a full range of abilities. Our passionate coaches love helping our runners achieve their trail running goals.

Our sessions are designed to improve your trail running fitness, technique and confidence. Whether you’re building up to an “A” race, running for fun or looking for a way to mix up your road training, our sessions are a fun, inclusive way to get onto the trails.

Members of The Trail Co. Club can attend unlimited sessions throughout their membership year. All other runners are welcome to attend on a casual basis for $12 per session.



See the Training Calendar for more details of session dates, times and locations.

If you are unsure which sessions suits you the most, please send us a message and we'll happily get back to you for a chat.


Casual Sessions - $12

At just $3.46 per week, joining The Trail Co. Club as a member is great value, whether you plan to run regularly or just take advantage of exclusive members discounts and events. If you're not a fan of great deals, or just want to dip your toe into the trail pond for now, you're more than welcome to attend our run sessions casually. Simply register at the link below (first time only) and bring $12 cash along to the session of your choice. 

+ try us for free
Do you want to make sure we're not a bunch of weirdies before you run with us? Well, we may be a bunch of weirdies actually, but we're very nice ones at least! So nice, in fact, that we're giving you the chance to try us for free. We'll just need you to register at the link below then pop along when you're ready to kick off your new obsession.

Please ensure you register your details and agree to our Terms & Conditions before running with us for the first time.