Trail Guides

Date Posted:1 May 2016 

Below you will find local trail guides. These have been user submitted and while we do everything in our power to apply our local knowledge to make sure they are correct, we can't take any responsibility if you get lost or find an obstruction on any of these tracks. 

We strongly reccomend that you take some essentials while out on the trails and make sure someone knows when you leave and when you are expected back. Let someone know where you are going to run so that you can be traced should you not arrive back when expected.

For any trail adventure, please consider taking these items as a bare minimum. 

  • Mobile phone with offline map (you could try OSMAND)
  • Snake bandage - And knowledge of how to use a snake bandage
  • Fluids. Staying hydrated is essential, especilly during the summer 
  • Nutrition. Something to boost your sugar levels when you hit a low
  • Something warm. For if you fall, get lost or run out of energy to run
  • Sunscreen. A short adventure can turn into a long one. 

Local Trail Guides and Useful Maps (more coming soon) 

With any of these guides, please refer this information to an accurate map before venturing out into the bush. Load the GPX into your watch or phone for on-the-go navigation, but check the route first using a route viewer such as Maplorer. Take care, if a 10km run on the road may take you an hour, a hilly 10km could take over two hours to complete. 

Enoggera Reservoir

General guide to the Reservoir - Enoggera Reservoir Recreation Guide - Seqwater

Enoggera Reservoir - Simple loop 10km - Moderately hilly, the trail has a couple of spikes in it - GPX here

Enoggera Reservoir into D'aguila National Park loop - 25km - Very hilly, the route starts at Walkabout Creek and then tracks close to Mt Nebo Rd before crossing to South Boundary Rd via a steep down and up - GPX here




Gold Creek Reservoir 

TRAQ Pinncales Classic Loop - 

TRAQ Brisbane Marathon - GPX here


Toohey Forest and Mt Gravatt


Daisy Hill





Mt Mee