The Trail Co. Club Newsletter Feb 2018

What's in store this month? 

With the festive season well and truly behind us, it's time to knucke down and really get stuck into 2018. January was just a warm-up, right?! We hope so, with how fast it went by!

There's lots to look forward to in February including the announcement of our club 'name', a sneak peek at the long-awaiting training shirts, our first weekend, social run and of course, more members specials to say thank you for being amazing!

The training calendar is mostly unchanged for Feb, with weekly sessions on Wed and Thurs at Cootha and two-weekly sessions on a Tues at Toohey.
We're also hosting our first weekend social run on Sun 11th Feb, with a loop of Enoggera Reservoir. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in!
See the Training & Events Calendar


Coming up with the perfect collective noun for our members was not something either of us (Tim & Laura) took lightly. Of course, closing the book on "Wild Runners" after so many amazing years running together under that banner was also a touch difficult. But it's a new era and let's face it, "The Trail Co. Wild Runners" is a bit of a mouthful. Thank you all for your patience while we eased into this big change.

So... without further ado... what do we call ourselves? Well, we are one, but we are many.. I am, you are, we are all.... 
The beautiful thing about the trail community is that people from different walks of life, communities and backgrounds all come together to form part of a unified 'nation'.  As a people, we value our planet, our friends, our own two feet and a sense of adventure. We are caring, wild, free and welcoming.

As a club, we'll aim to live by those values at every opportunity and we welcome the chance to shine a light on members of our community who are true blue Trailiens*.
*We did change the spelling from "Trailians" after Google informed us that a certain billion dollar film franchise beat us to it. We think the change works well though. After all, people from outside of the trail nation often think we're from another planet!

Thank you to everyone who threw their ideas into the mix. There were some... interesting.. suggestions but in the end, Trailiens won our heart and we hope it will win yours too. "Turkeys" was a close second though! ;)
Thank you also for your patience while we move through the design process on our brand new running shirts and singlets. The samples will be with us within days! The next step, after any small tweaks, is full production! We'll confirm your singlet/shirt choice and sizing with you shortly to make sure all members get their free slice of heaven.