Journey to Buffalo - Week 1: Couch potato to Grand Slam finisher

Author: Tim   Date Posted:11 September 2017 

Hello, my name is Tim and I’ve been slacking off.

It’s something I’d rather not say out loud but it’s all too true and it's been getting out of hand. After giving up my career in science a few years ago, trail running really has become my life, first through coaching and later, by establishing The Trail Co. with my wife and partner in crime. Couple that with taking on the challenge of rookie renovator at home and most recently, becoming a father, my own training has taken a backseat. But.. the bush is calling.

So with a “(let's hope) nothing is impossible” attitude, I’ve entered the Buffalo Stampede*.

* Grand Slam

As a coach, I love working with runners who love a challenge, who set big goals for themselves and who knuckle down and get the training done. If an athlete came to me with this particular challenge in mind, we'd have to sit down and discuss whether their expectations are realistic. What will it take to get there and do you have the time or determination to do it?

So.. do I have the time or determination to go from couch potato to Grand Slam finisher in approximately 30 weeks? I know I'll have to put pride aside and accept that it will be tough, it will be slow and it may be too much, too soon. So, my first goal is just to get to the start line in one piece, my second is to finish and the ultimate win would be to smile my way to the end.

Please don't mistake this grand gesture for arrogance on my part. Quite the opposite! Knowing that I’m currently so epically unprepared will force me train smart and hard. I will need to be effective and efficient in everything that I do, both run and work. The payoff is that I will be forced to make time for something that I love and will likely be a better, more relaxed, person for it. 

In short, I'm hoping this mad adventure will make me a better father, husband and human. And if you're up for a run in the next few months.. I think I'm going to need some company!

Let's get this thing started!


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